Plyometric workouts involve fast, powerful movements and are an effective exercise for losing weight and increasing lean muscle mass.

Benefits of Plyometric Exercises

Benefits of Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric exercises have been used for a very long period in sport-specific training, but these days, it is also a part of the exercise regimes in health clubs and gyms. These exercises help in improving the body’s agility and performing sports activities with greater force. If you have reached a plateau in your weight loss program or you want to shake up your regular exercise routine, you can switch to these workouts for a change. The body goes into the plateau mode when it is doing the same set of exercises over and over again for an extended period. It adapts to those exercises and stops reacting to them. In simple terms, a Plyometric exercise simply means an explosive movement from a static hold. With half an hour of these workouts, you will have the same strength and cardio benefits without any weights.

Benefits of Doing Plyometric Exercises:

Enhanced Performance

Since plyometrics can boost your running speed, your performance can improve a lot. Even if you are involved in an activity that does not involve running, plyos can still help you, because you can be better at throwing farther or punching harder. Plyometric training can help you achieve almost all athletic goals.

Burning Calories

Plyometric exercises are high intensity exercises that increase the heart rate, speed up metabolism and help burn calories faster. And the best thing is plyometric exercises helps in burning calories throughout the day even when you are resting. It increases the growth of lean muscle mass and maintenance of muscles requires more energy compared to fat therefore, leading to increased calorie burning.

Enhancing Muscle Power

Plyometrics involve high impact exercises. The intense and powerful moves of plyometrics enhance muscle power and increase the strength of arms and legs that not only boosts athletic performance, but also Reduces the risk of injuries. These are full body workouts that help in enhancing the power of the whole body as a unit.

Increasing Your Muscular Endurance

Increasing Your Muscular Endurance

Increasing Your Muscular Endurance

If you are an athlete and you have a big competition coming up, plyometric exercising will help intensify your energy and increase your stamina just in time for the main event. Since plyometric exercising builds up an explosive amount of intense energy, it could be just the thing for an athlete to have in their training routine.

Increased Speed and Power

The power stored in the muscles after extended plyo training greatly increases the speed and power of your legs, abdominal region, glutes and other muscle groups. This gives you a distinct advantage over the competition when playing sports or participating in track and field events. Like all exercises, the results you achieve are directly related to the amount of time and effort you put into each workout.