Read on, to learn about the best exercises which will help to increase your running speed and endurance.

Increasing running speed is a common goal for runners, regardless of your competitive nature. Running speed is a sign of progress that you can easily measure throughout your running career. Choose from several techniques to increase your running speed, and make some key changes to your regular training routine to help you become a fitter, stronger and faster runner.

Given below are the drills and weightlifting workouts to increase your running stamina and endurance. Also, tips on timing yourself to note down your progress and stamina are mentioned.

Arm Swings

How to Increase Running Speed

How to Increase Running Speed

Moving your arms correctly while running helps propel your body forward. Train your arms in the proper movement by standing with your feet together and alternating your arms forward and backward as if you were running. Focus on proper positioning; hold your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Start with your right arm forward, swinging it forward until the biceps is nearly level with your shoulder and your relaxed fist about eye level. At the same time, swing your left arm back so that the biceps is almost parallel to the ground and your forearm points straight down. Try this exercise seated as well to add intensity and train your arms to move at the right level, making sure your hands don’t brush the floor as they move. Add light weights to work the shoulders.

Wall Drill Workout

Wall drills help you focus on form and work your trunk and back as well as your legs. The more these muscles learn to work together, the faster you can run. Stand in front of a wall and place both hands flat on the wall. Lean forward so your body is at an angle. Run in place by lifting one knee up toward the wall, keeping the foot directly under the knee, then alternating quickly with your other knee. Your feet should return back to their starting position between knee lifts.

Acceleration Runs

If you have an acceleration ladder, you can use it in a relatively small space in your home. If not, place flat sticks 18 inches apart on your floor for the same effect. In the first drill, run as fast as you can through the ladder, touching both feet between each stick. Focus on lifting your knees as high as you can and getting your feet off the ground as quickly as possible each time. For the second drill, place only one foot between each rung as you run as fast as you can down the length of the ladder. Keep your back upright and straight, and focus on moving your arms correctly to help keep you balanced.

Skipping Workouts

Exaggerated skipping is a good way to increase your running speed. Swing your arms in the direction opposite to the movement of the leg which is lifted, and drive each knee up as comfortably as you can. You can use the arm swing motion to help you lift the legs higher. Skip for 100 yards up and then 100 yards back

Improve Stride Length

Improve Stride Length

Improve Stride Length

Many runners make the mistake of taking lots of short, choppy steps when they try to run fast. A better option is to take longer strides, and make them as powerful as possible. To lengthen your stride, focus on getting full triple extension on your back leg, rather than attempting to reach forward with your front leg. If your foot lands in front of your center of gravity during acceleration, it will slow you down; so focus on driving your feet back at ground strike instead of just letting your feet smack the ground.

Back Muscles

It’s important to Stretch your back muscles too, since your back must take a lot of strain when running. Stretch your lower back by doing lying knee roll-over stretches. Lie on your back with your arms stretched out from the shoulder. Place your palms flat on the floor. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Hold your knees together and then allow them to rotate all the way to the floor on the right. Keep your pelvis and torso as straight as possible. Bring your knees back to the center and then let them fall to the left side of your body.