Stretching is one of the best methods to stay energetic during pregnancy.


Stretching exercises are very important for the pregnant women as these exercises make the muscles agile and warm which helps them. These should be taken only in the strict supervision of the trainer or physiotherapist otherwise these exercises can prove to be counterproductive for their health. Proper guidelines needs to be followed and nature of exercise should be mild and not hard enough

Stretching Exercises for pregnant women

Stretching Exercises for pregnant women

for them.

Benefits of Stretches Exercise

Stretching is one of the best methods to stay energetic during pregnancy. Since fat gets stored in the abdominal part of the women during pregnancy, she has limited & restricted actions. Usually, the lack of exercise will cause muscle stiffness and uncomfortable pain-particularly in the back and thighs. Pregnant women undergo various physical modifications. Getting comfortable to all these types of changes will ultimately lead to a simpler pregnancy and work, and quicker post-partum recuperation.

Stretching exercises are basic exercises that are required in fitness the muscle tissue prior to a much more strenuous exercise. For any pregnant woman, it is a fantastic way to stay in shape while discovering new limitations. It also helps in relaxing as well as easing stress. This is often beneficial to both expecting mom and the woman’s baby.

Stretching exercises are simple to perform. Unlike other exercises that require equipment or even trips to a health club, stretching exercises can be easily done anyplace. They can be effortlessly incorporated within an individual’s routine. Here are a few stretching exercises that may help the pregnant woman ease the actual discomforts related to pregnancy.

These few basic exercises will help increase your strength and flexibility. If you have limited time, these exercises are highly recommended and should take only about ten minutes per day. Check with a qualified prenatal exercise instructor if you are not sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.

Chest stretches during pregnancy

Pregnancy changes your posture, center of gravity, and causes you to make a number of new and strange bodily adjustments — many of which can lead to pregnancy aches and pains. Gently stretching your chest muscles will help you feel more comfortable while improving your circulation.

Arm Stretch with Hip Bend

Slowly lift both of your arms upwards with palms facing up (as though pushing a heavy thing upward). Make sure that while doing this, the chest area is out and also the back is straight. Keep your elbows straight and bend slightly to the left. Hold the position for 5 seconds. Return to the original position just before bending as well as bend slightly to the other direction. Hold for an additional 5 seconds and lower down both of your hands to the sides.

Benefits of Stretches Exercise

Benefits of Stretches Exercise

Inner Thigh Stretch

Very carefully sit down on the floor and put the feet together with the soles touching one another. With the back again straight, lightly aim to touch the legs to the ground by pushing gently around the thighs. To prevent injury, don’t overstretch.

Ankle as well as Calf Stretch

Sit on a seat with the legs straight as well as feet with each other. With the back heel on the floor, stage the feet forward as well as rotate clockwise while using feet as well as ankles. Make time to do the rotator, feeling the actual tug within the calves. Carry out the same exercise whilst rotating counterclockwise.

With regard to pregnant women, it is important to maintain safety in your mind when doing any kind of exercise. An exercise which may be safe for just one, may be bad for another. A professional health care supplier will be able to suggest a safe exercise in line with the assessment of the individual’s condition.


Place your arms at your sides. Bring your right arm up and extend your body forward and twist to the side, as if swimming the crawl stroke. Follow with left arm. Do the sequence ten times.