There are many advantages of recumbent exercise bikes.They provide a good cardiovascular workout in what some find to be a more comfortable cycling position than upright or spin-style bikes.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

Stationary bikes are so beneficial to our health and fitness. Thanks to stationary bicycles, you can make use of bike riding in your house or gym. You will find a great deal about recumbent stationary exercise bikes when it comes to fitness equipment, but what exactly are their advantages? There are many advantages of recumbent exercise bikes.They provide a good cardiovascular workout in what some find to be a more comfortable cycling position than upright or spin-style bikes. These exercise bikes are perfect for anyone who is keen to burn fat and calories, improve their aerobic fitness, and would like to be comfortable while doing so. Gone are the days of having to suffer to lose a few pounds.

Recumbent Exercise Benefits for Beginners

For beginners, a recumbent bike is one of the easiest pieces of exercise equipment around. You can set the resistance level to 1 if you like, or to as much resistance as you would like. Because of the nice, wide, padded seats, these machines are comfortable for all individuals regardless of weight.

Comfortable Seat

Recumbent bikes have a seat and backrest in which your legs are extended straight in front of you. They come equipped with a large, bucket-style seat. This seat can be so much more comfortable than the hard and tiny seats that come attached to spinning bikes and upright exercise bikes. Because the seat is larger, it is more comfortable for larger, overweight people, as well as others who find it difficult to sit on small bike seats. For those who have not  recently been on a bike, sitting on a small seat for an extended period of time can leave the glutes feeling somewhat sore the next day. This type of effect tends to happen less often with recumbent bikes.This design is comfortable and easy to use for people who have never exercised before or people who are obese. For men in particular, the design of the seat takes a lot of stress off the genital area.

Better Workout

A recumbent stationary bike allows you to add upper body weights to your routine if you want to increase your exercise. The differences in a recumbent exercise bike can lead to a better workout.

  • Lack of strain on low back and wrists means workouts can continue longer
  • Glutes are used all the time, not just when standing
  • All leg muscles are used
  • Some recumbent exercise bikes with a more reclined position also work the abdominal muscles.


If you are looking for a more intense workout, you can get it with the recumbent bike. When you are on a regular exercise bike, gravity pushes your legs down, which can give you a bit of an advantage. But when you are on a recumbent bike, you are forced to use your leg muscles to move the pedals, which can give you a more intense workout.

Lower impact

They are much lower impact than treadmills. Think of how much impact knees and other joints take from pounding on a treadmill! A recumbent bike is a great way to take the strain off of joints.The impact on joints of a recumbent bike is even lower than that of a stationary bike. This is because your feet are more at the same level with your body rather than lower.


Recumbent exercise bikes are safer because they are lower to the ground and result in less impact on the knees and lower back. No matter how challenging the program, you will not be able to stand up on the pedals. This eliminates many of the injuries that can occur on an upright exercise bike. The position of the recumbent seat ensures that you are exercising while maintaining good spinal posture.


With those free hands, it’s easy to read or even use a computer during a recumbent bike workout. It’s also easier to watch TV without looking up awkwardly and possibly straining your neck.