If you want to build strong abs, it is best if you add some abdominal exercise equipment to your workout routine.

Most of us just want to stay in shape, and look good. There are some others for whom fitness is the new age mantra. These fitness enthusiasts resort to different methods and equipment to achieve the perfect body. For abs, you will come across a plethora of machines in the market. This can be attributed to the fact that everyone wants to have washboard abs, thanks to the trend set by celebrities. There are many different tools that you can use to work your ab muscles.

Most Effective Exercises Equipment for Abs

Most Effective Exercises Equipment for Abs

Stability Balls

Also known as exercise balls, these are very popular tools for ab workouts. These balls are not stable, therefore a lot of strain is placed on the abdomen muscles, inducing them to work harder. They also help to increase strength, coordination, and stability.

Core Board

This is one of the best equipment used to engage the core muscles in numerous ways. The different exercises done using the core board help to build the abdominal muscles, and burn a number of calories.

Balance Trainer

It is similar to the stability ball, but comes mounted on a flat rubber platform. Also called Bosu ball, it is used not only for abdominal workouts, but also for balance exercises.

Ab Rollers

These are one of the first few abdominal exercise equipment to have hit the market. The reviews are not very good, and the fitness experts recommend against the use of ab rollers. You may want to talk to your trainer before you decide to buy this machine.

Ab Slide

This is probably the best ab machine that can help you tone up your upper and lower stomach muscles. It consists of a wheel that rotates with a handle on each side of the wheel to hold and slide it on the surface you are working out. As you slide out the wheel while kneeling on your knees, the entire stomach muscles are stretched and contracted to give a super work out.

Hanging Ab Straps

Generally found in a gym or fitness center, hanging ab straps help isolate the lower abdominal muscles. The straps help support your body weight while you are performing hanging or suspended leg raises.

Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

Core Exercise Board

A core exercise board inclinesin all directions. Whether standing on the board or positioning your palms on top, your abdominal muscles are engaged. Plank twists and push ups are just some of the exercises that can be performed on this ab machine.

Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

This equipment has three resistance levels and it is designed to work your upper, middle, and lower abs, and even your sides. It helps tone abdominals, strengthen your core, and cut down inches from your waistline. This machine is equipped with a back and head apparatus to comfortably support your head and neck. It also has a rolling cushion that gives you a gentle massage as you work out. Only five minutes a day with this machine, and you will soon see results. It weighs 10 pounds and folds for storage.