There is no need to stick to the strenuous routine of the health club to get those sexy legs. Instead now you can perform these simple leg exercises at your home to tone your leg muscles

Women are concerned and worried with their big thighs or legs. They sit all day long at their offices on their work desks and do not get much exercise for their legs resulting in the flabby thigh muscles. These exercises of leg muscles can be done at home without any heavy gym equipment and machines.

Legs – Thigh Slimming exercises for wome

Legs – Thigh Slimming exercises for wome


The best exercise that can be done for your thighs is the walking. It uses every muscle of the body while also increasing the heart beat and breathing and improving the cardio functioning, making us feel better.

Weight training

Hold the weights in each hand. Position one leg ahead of the second one and bent the back leg to form a right angle and strain the leg muscles. Hold the position for some seconds and get back to the original position. Repeat for 10 times and swap the legs. Do this exercise three times for each leg. If you want to have some very tough workout then walk up and down of the box for a minute instead of resting.

Leg raises- Standing

Stand with your feet apart against the wall. Life your left thigh in parallel to the floor and stay there for a count of 5. Repeat this exercise with another leg too. Do 3 times for each leg

Barbell squats

Lift the barbell half way between the head and the shoulders. Bend your knees, slowly lower your hips till your thighs become parallel to the floor. Repeat the procedure agin after getting up to the original position.

Side Leg raises – Lying down

Lie on the floor on your left side with the left hand touching the ear and the head. Now lift your right leg, which is lying on the left leg, in the air. Keep it there for a count of 5 and then bring it back to rest on the right leg. Repeat this with another side and leg. Do this exercise for repetition of 3 times to get effect.

Dumbbell lunges

Hold the weight in your hands. Position one leg in front of the other. Now bend the back leg slightly till it is slightly above the ground and is form a perpendicular angle to the other leg. Hold this position for few minutes and then swap the leg and repeat the same procedure with the other leg too. They give an excellent workout to the inner and outer thighs.

Leg Raises

For this exercise, lie on your back and then rise your both legs to an angle of 45 degrees to the ground. Now lower both the feet and do not let them touch the ground while controlling them. Start with the 10-15 repetitions and do not take rest in between the repetitions. Adjust repetitions and set them according to your fitness levels as some can do more than the others. So chose what suits your best and what is right for you.

Leg press

This is fantastic exercise for your leg muscles. You need to perform this inside the gym with the equipments and machines especially for this. Sit on the leg press machine.Just adjust your both the legs a shoulder width apart and raise the bent legs to straighten while lifting the weights in pounds by them. You will feel the tension and fatigue in the leg muscles. Repeat the exercise for 10-15 times to get the benefit.

Pump classes

Enlist yourself in a pump class once or twice a week. Pump classes are great for tightening on toning muscles all over the body — including your legs.

Leg Circles

Lay on your back. Lift one leg and imagine drawing a circle with your foot.You can choose to count each circle as a rep or count in your head a designated amount of seconds