Exercises to increase breast size do not need to be difficult or over strenuous.

Exercises are one of the natural ways to increase your bust size naturally. You don’t have to take pills, undergo surgery and also have

Exercises to Increase Breast Size for Women

Exercises to Increase Breast Size for Women

implants or apply creams to increase your bust size. All you need is a good workout with the right exercise that may improve your breast size. Muscles abound and you have them in the chest. Any muscle when moved and stretched will grow and shape. Once the muscles in your chest are now being worked out they are being toned, thus enhancing your breast.

The actual size of the breast cannot be increased through exercise. However, toning and building the pectoral muscles below the breast will help to make your breast look bigger and firmer. Exercising will even help prevent your breast from sagging. Try out the following and don’t forget to measure your breasts before you begin on your regime. This way you are able to monitor your results!

Some Exercises For Increase Breast Size

1. Push-ups

Push-up is a great exercise that works on the muscles around the chest and arms. Your goal in increasing your breasts can be achieved by practicing correct push-ups. You can do this by staying on a flat, non skid surface. Place both both hands flat on the floor. Your legs should be straight along with your back. Build your body parallel on the floor. Make sure to keep your feet together and unmoved. Bring yourself down to the floor without bending the knees and maintaining the straightness of your body. Bend your elbows as you go down. Do this ten times for 3 sets. You can feel the muscles in your chest and arms working.

2. Seated Chest-Press

The chest-press exercises can be done with or without the machine. Using a machine is easier because you’re just going to sit down on the machine, place your arms around the rest then move both hands towards your chest. You can start the minimum weight you are able to handle and gradually boost the weight every week. If machine is unavailable, you can use weights. Hold them to deal with. Make sure to use the same weights on hands. Stand straight with face in normal position. Place their hands on the level of your shoulders with the weights, move your arms up straight then bend your arms again for your shoulder. Do this 10-15 times in three sets, too.

3. Palm Press

Exercises For Increase Breast Size

Exercises For Increase Breast Size

You can do palm press without any instrument. It’s a simple exercise and you can do it several times each day. You just need to stand straight with feet comfortably apart. Put your palms together with elbows on the level of the breasts. Push your palms together for 15 times focusing on the chest muscles. You don’t have to press hard. You only have to move the chest muscles to create those breast tissues working. This can be a great exercise to increase the muscles around the breast and make the breast firmer. Do that everyday and you can definitely see an improvement in your breasts for a few weeks.

4. Side swerves

Side swerves have been shown to be an effective exercise to increase breast size. This exercise helps you to tone the muscles that surround the chest.

4. Kneeling dip

Kneeling dip is another good exercise to increase bust size. This exercise helps you to develop the frontal organs round the region where the areola and nipples are.


Exercises to improve breast size do not need to be difficult or over strenuous. The key is repetition and consistency. Miracles don’t happen overnight and exercise alone won’t give you a D cup whenever you started off as a B. However, in your overall regime to enhance your breasts, exercise can enjoy an important part