This simple arm workout uses both dumbbells and your own body weight to help you develop stronger and sexier arms.

Most women who are seeking to perform the correct arm exercises are really focusing upon securing those loose underarms, and sculpting their shoulders and biceps. The main focus in upon shaping and toning; not building visible muscle tissue.

Five great arm toning exercises for ladies for slimming, sculpting and toning those arm muscles are described below. Before beginning doing any of these arm toning exercises, it is important that you stretch your arms. It’s also important to stretch your arms after the exercises.

Discover The 5 Best Arm Toning Exercises For Women

Discover The 5 Best Arm Toning Exercises For Women

Best Women Arm Toning Exercises

You will learn about best women arm toning exercises. However, before you decide to learn and begin with these exercises, it’s important for you to know that you should have a short arm stretching session pre and post every exercise. When you stretch your arms muscles, it will help you relax your body muscles, which results in even better performance during your main workout.


The pushup is recognized as one of the best toning arm exercises for women. This being active is quite helpful in toning arms, chest and back muscles. Getting the perfect hands placement can make this exercise extremely helpful for certain arm muscles. Keeping straight hands will in fact work with biceps and creating a 90 degree angle will be effective for triceps. You could have Pushups in 3 positions i.e. knees, toes and hands. When you begin, you better prefer knees pushups, within the second level try for toes and lastly try pushups on hands.

Biceps Curls

Perform this exercise using both arms at the same time; alternate or even perform standing or seated. There’s also numerous variations to this exercise for example supinating biceps curls as demonstrated through the video on the right. To carry out the standing version, hold two dumbbells on either side of your body, palms facing inward, arms straight having a slight bend in your elbow. While you begin to lift your arm, keep the elbows in tight, enhance the dumbbell and rotate your arm until it’s vertical, with your palm facing your shoulder, lower towards the starting position and repeat using the other arm.

Chin-Ups / Pull-Ups

This being active is not just for toning your arms, but additionally recruits your back muscles too! If you don’t feel you have the strength to do this exercise on your own, you have the option of performing it utilizing an assisted chin-up machine, or using a partner, spotting you. To execute simply use an overhead bar, grip the bar about shoulder width apart, pull yourself to the bar, and lower yourself down again slowly.

Triceps workout for women

Triceps workout for women

Triceps Extensions

Since the triceps is definitely an area women hold fat on, stick to exercises that lengthen, not exercises that increase bulk. The extension movement can be carried out using a variety of attachments utilizing a cable machine, using dumbbells or even resistance bands such as those utilized in the demonstration video right. To complete this exercise while using rope attachment on the cable machine, grab each side of the rope, keep your elbows in tight at the sides and push down until your arms are fully extended without locking your elbows. Slowly enhance the weight back up keeping your elbows in tight, until your arms are parallel using the floor.

Reverse Curls

This is a great exercise to increase your repertoire. Reverse curls work your brachialis and your forearm extensors at the same time, giving your forearms a sleek and defined look while adding just a little boost to your biceps. This exercise can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, or perhaps a cable machine. For women trying to tone, this move is better executed with two lightweight dumbbells. Keep the dumbbells as if you were going to perform a regular bicep curl, but with both hands turned upside down. Lift the dumbbells toward your shoulders and then lower them back down.