These exercises involve stretching of the stiff areas and provide strength to the weak muscles of the body.

Kyphosis is a deformity characterized by rounding of the upper back. Since kyphosis exercises can help a great deal in overcoming this deformity, continue reading, for some effective exercises to correct kyphosis.

Kyphosis known as ‘hunch back’, Kyphosis is the rounding of the back usually inside the mid thoracic area of the spine and frequently in the neck as well. The deformity might be caused because of some developmental problems, degenerative disease, osteoporosis, injury or trauma. Too much sitting at one place can lead to weakening of the abdominal muscle and tight hamstrings inside the back of the legs, which leads to bad body posture, mild back pain, stiffness inside the spine, muscle fatigue and slouching. There are many medications and surgeries that could cure the problem for a person, just one of the safest ways to treat this deformity is Kyphosis exercises. These exercises involve stretching of the stiff areas and supply strength to the weak muscles of the body.

Here are few exercises for Kyphosis to boost the deformed posture.

Reverse Flye

Reverse Flye

Reverse Flye

To perform this exercise you will need a set of lightweight dumbbells. Sit on the end of a weight bench with your back straight and your abdominal muscles tight. Lean forward, bringing your chest over the knees. Lift both arms to shoulder level, squeezing the neck together. Lower your arms recorded on either side of the body. When performing this exercise ensure your elbows are slightly bent and also you do not raise your arms more than shoulder level.

Dumbbell Shrug

For this exercise, you may need a set of moderate dumbbells. Stand with both feet hip-width apart and your shoulders down and back. Slowly raise minimizing shoulders in a shrugging motion.

Hamstring Stretch

Start by face up with both legs in-front of you. Raise one leg off of the ground, bringing it into your chest. Place both of your hands behind the leg and slightly pull the lower limb in closer to your chest before yor feel slight tension. Hold this position for several seconds. Repeat while using opposite leg.

Cat Stretch

Bend recorded on your hands and knees on the ground. Let your back and abdomen sag for that floor. Then slowly arch the rear, as if you are pulling the rear and abdominal towards the ceiling. Go back to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Cat Stretch

Cat Stretch

Upright Row

This exercise is perfect for the upper back, shoulders and biceps, all at once. While performing this exercise, keep your hands close together and rehearse a short range of motion to obtain the most effective and safest shoulder workout. Stand together with your feet shoulder-width apart and retain the weights waist high together with your palms turning inward. Pull the weights up, until they touch the chest area, while your elbows bending. Keep the waist straight and your elbows over the shoulder, while performing the exercise.

Stretching of Cervical Flexors

For doing cervical flexion and extension, you need to tuck your chin in and slowly take the head down and forward. Attempt to touch the chin for the chest and then bend the face backward. Now to perform lateral flexion, keep your head straight, and slowly take the right ear toward your right shoulder. Likewise take the left ear to your left shoulder and repeat.