Toning up your arms is an important part of your daily workout. Arms are one of the most exposed parts of the body.

Arm exercises for women are aimed at getting women the toning in their arms that they know they deserve. The dilemma with arm exercises for women may be the risk of injury. For women, they must understand specifically how to do each arm exercise in the correct way in order to lower the risk of causing injury to themselves. The real nagging problem with arm fat is that women have a harder time attempting to cover it up as opposed to fat on other areas of their bodies, like on their derriere, hips or thighs. Clothing just makes it easier to hide the fat in those areas of your body, but with the arms, it’s a whole lot tougher to conceal.

Best Arm Exercises for Women - Stay Fit For Life

Best Arm Exercises for Women – Stay Fit For Life

Exercises for women that work the best at getting rid of arm fat are strength training exercises. They exercise the biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles to tone and slim your arms, in addition to allow you to lose weight all over your body. Some of the best moves for how to tone your arms are such things as dumbbell curls, hammer curls, bench dips, overhead tricep extensions, push -ups, concentration curls, shoulder shrugs and lateral pull downs for starters. These don’t have to all be done constantly every time, but need to be incorporated into your exercises for arms to help you lose the arm fat fast.

Here are the 5 best and easiest workouts to tone your arms and obtain them in shape.

Cable curl

Cables are extremely helpful for building arm muscles. They tone muscles and shape biceps in addition to triceps. Cable curls are exactly like barbell curls, except that instead of a barbell, you have a cable. Keep your back straight, and elbows immobile. Keep your chest higher than the shoulders. Cable curls create constant tension within the arms as the cable keeps pulling your arms back, giving perfect stretch towards the muscles.

Skull crusher

This exercise specifically aims your triceps, and may tone them very well if done right. For this, you need to lie down on the bench with a barbell with you. Hold the barbell in both both hands and lift it up for the roof. Then slowly decrease your arms backwards, behind your face. The position should be such that should you drop the weight, it would fall on the ground behind you. Pull your arms to the straight position holding it, after which come back down to neutral. This exercise is extremely useful for toning triceps.

Bar bell curls

These bicep curls are specially meant for toning biceps. Stand straight with feet apart and lift the barbell to the chest. Try keeping the shoulder levels below your chest, that’s heave your chest up. Bring the barbell up to the pectoral region and curl inside. Hold and release. You should remember that your elbows should remain static and unmoving through the exercise.

Alternative dumbbell curl

This is basically the just like the barbell curl, and just in differs in that the previous uses both arms while this one concentrates on one bicep at a time. Instead of a barbell, you are taking dumbbells in both your hands and relax one arm at a time, even while keeping your back straight and shoulders immobile.

Close gripped bench press

This exercise requires the use of heavier weights and really should be conducted with care. You have to lie on a bench having a barbell of heavy to medium weight. Shove the barbell as much as the maximum point and then take it back down close to the chest. When it is closer to the chest, shove up with a quick bounce, about 2 inches approximately. This prevents your chest from interfering the exercise and concentrate the workout on just your triceps