Trying these exercises will help you lose back fat efficiently. Follow the instructions carefully and obtain a well toned figure.

Nowadays, back fat has become a common problem in women. The tyre like fat bulge out of the upper and lower back. The tight fit clothes do not hide but make the tyres appear even clearer. This fat is very stubborn and cannot be squeezed or sweated out fast. Today, we will discuss and suggest a few tips to lose back fat and eliminate the heavy hip.

Best back fat exercises to get rid of back fat fast. You need to utilize your back muscles to reduce fat. Building and supporting solid back muscles can help to remove and avoid back ache, enhance carriage, and help you get that toned shape that looks phenomenal in a sundress. Shape your back in quick and fast manner. To get rid of back fat is one of the hardest zones to target when shedding pounds. Your eating methodology and activity regimen must be tuned into toning your upper figure and losing fat all over the board. With a mite of focused on activities and the right state of mind that bothersome fat that will go away.

How To Lose Back Fat

How To Lose Back Fat

Back Fat Exercises to Lose Fat:


Push-ups are one of the most common exercises used in any type of exercise routine. Push-ups are great for toning the arms, as well as shedding back fat. It’s important to do push-ups the right way, keeping the body in a straight line from head to heel.


Emulate the sensation that you are rowing with a rowing machine, try a rowing workout class or go row a real boat. This basic movement exercise targets your back and is one of the best ways to give your back muscles a workout.

Exercise Ball

Lie face down on an exercise ball so that your chest is in line with the center of the ball. Keep your fingers pointed towards the floor and feet together on the floor. Let your arms hang loose and try to keep your balance. Raise the arms slowly to form a “Y” with the body and hold this position for 15 seconds. Do two sets of 12 repetitions each.


Choose an area where you can move freely and take a 10-15 lb. dumbbell. Place your feet hip width apart and do lunges, keeping your knees bent. Bend your upper body slightly, parallel to the floor and hold the dumbbell in front with the hips against the wall for balance. Raise the dumbbell to shoulder height and perform 10-15 repetitions.

Jumping Rope

While it seems like more of a shoulders-oriented exercise, jumping rope, Exercises your back muscles. You don’t need to belong to a gym to do this and it’s also a fantastic cardio workout, and burns fat all over your body.

Side Raises

Place your feet hip width apart and take a dumbbell in each hand. Bend your knees and lower your upper body to form a 45 degree angle. Keep both dumbbells parallel to the floor and raise them to the sides. Keep the dumbbells shoulder level and slowly lower them. Do two sets of 12 repetitions.

Simple Exercises To Reduce Back Fat

Simple Exercises To Reduce Back Fat

TYI-shaped Exercises

This exercise is named after letters in the alphabet your body will imitate. You will need two 3-pound dumbbells. Lie on your stomach or balance on a physio ball. In each hand, you should hold a dumbbell, engage your back and then lift your chest a bit. Move your arms up and then out, creating a T-shape. Release this position creating a Y-shape and then move your arms into an I-shape, with your arms touching straight out above your head. Most people are quite weak in this area, so a very light weight is recommended.

Weight Bearing Exercises

Sit at the edge of a wooden chair and lift 2-3 pound weights. While you move hands , also streetch your chest muscles keeping the back flat. Go on trying heavire weights after a pewriod of time. Take guidance from a gym expert.