If you want to focus on muscle building exercises for you back then you don’t have to worry as there are many options of lower back muscle building exercises that help build muscle fast.

Back Exercise To Build Muscle

Back Exercise To Build Muscle

Lower back muscle strengthening exercises can help you to build stronger and more definite muscles. The back is composed of numerous muscles and it is divided into three major parts which includes upper back, middle back and lower back. Each requires constant attention and should be trained properly if you want to maintain correct posture and to maintain your body proportion.

The muscles in our back cover one of the largest areas of the body, so it’s ironic that they are often overlooked when it comes to strength training. Working this muscle group not only helps stabilize your core, but because these muscles are connected to your vertebral column, can help improve your posture and breathing, which in turn means that you will be more effective in all other areas of movement. Here are some of the muscle building exercises for your back.

Best Back Exercise To Build Muscle:


Deadlift is an amazing exercise that one should include in their routine muscle building exercises for the back. Whether it is sumo deadlifts, conventional deadlifts or rack pulls, it develops your back and also increases overall strength. Deadlifts should be properly executed and this exercise only targets the back muscle for stability. Remember that this exercise needs tightening of your posterior chain muscles (the backside of your body and its primary muscles) which includes low back, gluteus, hamstrings and calves. Deadlift works back muscle groups excluding the chest and arms. These lower back muscle exercises should be done as the first exercise of your workout session.

High Rep 1 Arm Rows

High Rep One Arm Rows: This one is my personal favorite! Chalking up, grabbing a heavy dumbbell, and rowing my heart out is a pastime of mine. Make sure to support your body as well, whether it is holding onto the side of a bench or the rest of the dumbbell rack. This exercise can get very tough around the 15-20 mark, as it combines qualities of strength, hypertrophy, and even cardio. Imagine how your heart will feel after performing a 100lb row 20 times.

Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell row is one of the best versatile movements that are good for your back muscle growth. Known to be one of the perfect muscle building exercises for your back, this workout targets the lats, rhomboids, lower trapezius and lower back (erector spinae).

dumbbell rows for back

dumbbell rows for back

Pull ups

Pull ups are the best muscle building exercises for your back as it activates every muscle in your back. Pull ups and Chin ups are great mass builders for the back. These hard back exercises are quite effective to increase the width of your lats and there are a great number of grip variations in this exercise that makes it exciting. It may look like this exercise is only for the arms, however a great deal of your workout is positioned on the upper back to lift your own body weight and lower it when under control.

Back extension

It is a great exercise that is beneficial for people who want to tone the muscles in their back. It targets muscle group in the back. This exercise targets erectors, hamstrings and gluteus. When you’re doing back extension stay neutral and don’t hyper flex your lower back. Make sure your head is neutral with the back. You can overwork this movement with implements like kb’s, db’s, med balls and barbells.