Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are five types of exercise equipment that are recommended for safe senior exercise.

Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it can also be tons of fun for everyone. Almost anything that keeps us up and getting around can count as exercise. For example, walking, biking, swimming, and dancing are all examples of physical activity.

While we can exercise almost anywhere, there’s a few helpful types of exercise equipment which will make exercise more suitable for seniors.

What is the Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors?

Elliptical Machine for Seniors

Elliptical Machine for Seniors

If there is extra room at home considerations to buy some equipment might be beneficial. Using a workout room at home promotes ease and convenience. It’ll provide comfort and privacy also. Choosing machines or exercise equipment for seniors that helps ensure safety is also important. There are many options that an elderly person may take into consideration to meet these needs.

Comfortable Bike

Stationary bikes come in two varieties, a conventional model with a regular bike seat along with a recumbent model, which features a chair-like seat. Both can provide you with an excellent cardio workout, but a recumbent bike is particularly recommended for older people. As Hsuka Clinic explains, recumbent bikes tend to be more comfortable to ride and safer and simpler to get on and off. The seat on the recumbent bike offers excellent back support, too. In addition, exercise bikes are low-impact, that is helpful for people with joint problems such as arthritis.

The Ease of Ellipticals

Although they aren’t for everyone, elliptical machines often work nicely for seniors. You move the foot pads within an elliptical manner to operate the machines, which puts a minimal amount of stress on your hips, knees and back. MayoClinic.com says the extremely low-impact motion makes an elliptical machine a good choice for many people. The armrests with an elliptical machine give you additional stability, and levers allow you to work your upper along with your lower body.

Upper Back Strength Training Equipment

Aging is often associated with a rounded, hunched-over alignment, that is the result of weakened upper back muscles. The lat pull-down machine and also the seated row are the two best machines for strengthening these muscles. The lat pull-down is performed from a seated position. Since it’s name implies, it involves pulling down a bar from the seated position. Avoid shoulder injuries by bringing the bar down while watching body. The row is conducted by pulling the resistance toward your body. The elbows bend in this movement, and shoulder blades are squeezed together. Sets and repetitions may vary according to specific health conditions and fitness levels. They should be discussed with a physician or a trainer who specializes in senior exercise.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks or yoga bricks are props which help in aligning the body and improving its posture. They come in either foam or wooden form and therefore are used while doing several yoga poses. You can easily perform different Asanas and won’t be under any chance of pulling muscles or causing strain.

Upper Back Strength Training Equipment

Upper Back Strength Training Equipment

Aquatic Fitness Equipment

For seniors who have access to a pool, swimming is an excellent option for someone concerned with damaging or over-working their muscles and joints. Incorporate a variety of accessories to your aquatic fitness routine for example foam weights and pool noodles that will help you strengthen a variety of muscles.

Other Important Tips When Exercising

Exercise 45 minutes to an hour at least Five times a week. Don’t overdo the program and cause injuries. Before you start an exercise routine check in with your doctor to make sure your body can handle the program you select. Start off easy and build yourself up gradually.

Exercise equipment for seniors can provide a good cardiovascular, aerobic, and weight training program. Having two or more items will allow you to alternate between them providing you with a better exercise program and will keep you from feeling burned out from doing exactly the same vigorous routine. Use this time for you to listen to your favorite music, read a book, or watch TV. Make this time enjoyable and never something you feel compelled to complete. Find some friends to join in along with you while exercising. Making exercise fun is both motivational and encouraging, and can lead to better relationships, health, your overal wellness, and enjoyment during the good lifetime of retirement.